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Migratory Birds & Their Conservation

Migratory Birds & Their Conservation

Many people may question the need for bird conservation in the context of preserving human habitat especially those who live in urban cities. However, avid bird lovers and nature conservationists know that these feathered creatures and other forms of wildlife are essential for safeguarding the biodiversity and richness of this unique planet. Moreover, no individual who can deny that human beings never fail to admire these creatures especially species like Golden Eagle, Doves, Ravens, Akikiki, Black- Capped Petrel, Black Skimmer, Bobolink, California Condor, Tiwi and many others. Even in ancient times, the Egyptians, Mayans and Neolithic people would decorate their pyramids, temples and caves with images of falcons, parrots and cranes.


Birds provide a number of things that are essential to human beings and their surroundings, which makes bird conservation critical to their survival as a species. These include:

  1. Ecological Value

Birds are an integral part of the natural system of this planet and many species like Humming birds are important pollinators for a diverse variety of plants. In addition to this, rodent control would be a major problem for human beings without these creatures like Owls and hawks are the main predators of these animals. Birds are always a catalyst in protecting forests as they feed on many forest insects and help to save money.

  1. Scientific Importance

Birds are the key species to indicating climatic and environmental change. Rapid bird population declines signals an environmental problem that needs immediate human attention. Moreover, recent scientific studies show an increase in human pollution and disintegration of the natural habitat that birds live, will not only adversely affect these creatures but all forms of humans and animal life on this planet.

  1. Economic Impact

The economic impact of avid bird lovers and conservationists is obvious to places, which have large bird sanctuaries. The normal weekend trip for such ornithologists consists of food, gas, accommodation and even new gear. Over time, the number of people visiting such sanctuaries to have a glimpse of various species of these creatures increases and provides apply employment opportunities for the local inhabitants. Moreover, birds feed pests and reduce the need for pesticides in human activities like farming and gardening.

  1. Education

By observing and conserving birds, human beings can learn many things from various individual species.  Aeronautical engineers tend to watch, monitor and scrutinize birds in flight to be able to design and create effective aircrafts. Again, climatologists study the migration patterns of birds to have a better understanding of the affect seasonal climate change on the local environment. Similarly, Psychologists, who understand and appreciate the courtship rituals of birds, can explain the behavior patterns of complex dynamic groups.

  1. Awareness

When people participate in any type of conservation program, it is leads to greater awareness of various environmental and conservation issues. For instance, bird lovers who show interest in preserving the one species of birds who dominate a particular coastal region may realize that the decline in their numbers may be due to water contamination.

The above are just some of the prominent reasons why human beings should endeavor to conserve and protect birds in order to preserve this planet for future generations.

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