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Online Shopping Tips and Tricks to Get Major Discounts

Online Shopping Tips and Tricks to Get Major Discounts

Nowadays, online sellers are equipped with list of arrangements to have a huge score with shoppers. But practical shoppers can steal discounts and strike back using their own tricks. Here are some of them:

  1. Leave your desired items in cart. You shop online, log-in to your account, place the items you like in the cart, and just leave it there. Sellers will want to close the sale, so they will search for ways to get you back. Just wait, and surely just for a few days, you may get email offering you a better price and giving you a coupon. It might not work for every online retailer available, but it has been proven when 17 online franchisers offer coupon codes after few days to invite the shopper to complete his/her purchase. Coupons and deals for online shopping like branded plastic outdoor playsets at Step2 Direct are offered by retailers to encourage you to do the purchase.
  2. Have a quest for coupons. Discount Coupons for Online Shopping India can be helpful in case you haven’t acquired coupons through the latter tricks.
  3. Social media connection. Following retailers on Twitter and adding them as your friend on Facebook can provide great shopping discount. This is because oftentimes retailers rewards their followers on social media with either early access on their major sales or give exclusive coupons.
  4. Strategically use several coupon codes. If the online retailer allows you to use several coupon codes in a checkout, use it in a proper order to get to save every possible penny. .
  5. Dynamic Pricing Set-up Escape. This is a strategy used by online retailers to offer diverse prices to their customers based on market factors, buyer’s demand, spending patterns and every browsing of users. This strategy has now became much sophisticated due to the websites ability to track internet surfing and acquire intimate knowledge of shopper’s online behavior. Retailers use this information to determine the price point of shoppers. This means if you buy their product, the price might go higher than what has been offered to others due to your different spending habit. In order to avoid this, you can erase the cookies of your browser and log out on your account. You can use a private version of browser so cookies will not be saved upon your search.
  6. Online and in-store prices comparison. Online and store prices are not always equal. Now that you already have a smart phone, comparing in-store and online product’s prices is easier. And it’s also easy to call a local retailer to inquire about store price while you are shopping online like buying safe Step2 Direct ride on toys for kids.
  7. Online retailer prices comparison. There are websites which allows shoppers compare retailer prices with few clicks.


  1. Call the store’s/company’s customer service. At some instances, you’ve got Online Shopping Coupons at times you don’t need it and when you decided to use it, the coupon has already expired. No worries, remember companies want you to purchase their product. Call the customer service, they may still accept the coupon code. This is not a sure one, but sometimes also worked.
  2. Try to have price-drops refunds. If you’ve made a purchase a few days ago and then now there has been a price drop, you can ask for a refund for the difference of the price. Just find out how to do so, and if you they are allowing it.
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