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Tips For Planning Your Business Trip To Europe

Tips For Planning Your Business Trip To Europe

Travelling for work can be both exciting and daunting; especially if it is your first time as a business traveler. Europe is one of the most popular destinations for business trips, with economic hubs in France, Germany and the UK. We’ve put together some expert tips to ensure your business trip runs as smoothly as possible. So, you can concentrate on the work side of things instead of the travelling side of things.

Business Class

Depending on the company you work for, and their budget, it is likely that you will be upgraded to business class when travelling. There are certain things you can expect from business class travel, that you will not have experienced in the economy section. Firstly, there will be facilities for you to use your laptop or tablet (including Wi-Fi on trains). Secondly, most airlines and train companies will offer their business customers free food and drink. Don’t get drunk on all the free whiskey, however, unless you want to get the sack! Lastly, there is a certain kind of etiquette to be adhered to when travelling business class, which means no loud conversations or screaming children. Sound good? It is! Just make sure you ask your travel company what the upgrade costs are for business class and find out what expenses your employer will cover, before going ahead and booking.

Air Miles

If you are planning on flying a lot for business, then you may want to look at something called Air Miles. There are a range of credit card companies and airlines, which offer frequent flyer bonuses every time you travel. Even if you are just planning on visiting Europe once a year, it is still worth joining up with one of these incentives. You can collect these reward points by using your credit card, flying with a particular airline and even buying from certain companies. Make sure you add your air mile points every time you fly and then use those towards family holidays or a relaxing trip abroad. Make sure your employer is happy for you to use your own reward card, as they may have a company wide one that they prefer to use.

Finding a Hotel

Unless you have a personal assistant doing all your booking and itinerary for you, it’s likely you’re going to have to find your own hotel. Business capitals throughout Europe can have some incredible work centric hotels, complete with conference rooms, free wi-fi and suit presses. However, these can be costly, and not all employers will cover the price of the best hotel available. Use online hotel finders in order to compare costs, by searching for terms such as Berlin with Venere and seeing what is available. As with the flights, make sure you know exactly what is covered, cost wise, by your employer, before you start raiding the mini bar.

Now all you need to do is pack your suit, get on the plane (or train) and attend your business meeting. Don’t forget to keep your receipts if you want your employer to pay for your business trip expenses.

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