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Top Romantic Cities for the modern travelers

Top Romantic Cities for the modern travelers

Although people may still find Paris or Venice romantic, we are not including them in this round-up of the perfect places for modern-day lovers and travelers. We drop the fairytale standard for calling a place romantic. There still should be magic but there should be something else.

Barcelona, Spain

If you want a city where everyone just starts to wake up at 8am, then this city is for you. You can get lost and yet be happy In this highly-dense and cultured capital of Catalonia. Just like Sydney and Los Angeles, you are a few minutes from the beautiful coastline. The government has banned nudity on its beaches since 2011, in case you are planning for such an adventure.

No two Barcelona trips will be alike with tons of choices of restaurants, bars, cafes, galleries among other attractions. The Barcelona architecture will also tickle ones imagination.

Havana, Cuba

Havana still feels like 1959. Commercialism has not yet set foot on the city so if you think old stuff is pretty romantic, this corner of the globe is perfect for you. Romance is unavoidable if antiquity turns you and your partner on. You will also be surrounded by people who knows their art, their music, good food, and good life.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Put good view, arts, and sensuality in one equation and you will get Amsterdam. This city in the Netherlands also grants you the freedom to enjoy all of these. Sex and drugs are issues dealt with all maturity possible. It is the Vegas for the professionals. It is a carnal place for those seeking some romance.

Argentina, Buenos Aires

You have a melting pot of South American and European culture in Buenos Aires. The place is all about passion without going overboard. It is all about expressing desire and locals can easily influence travelers in that aspect. Learn about tango, the love of football, and be amazed with how Argentina showcases its electrostatic sensuality towards life.

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