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What Makes Semi-Truck Accidents Different from Normal Car Accidents

Semi-truck accidents may not be handled the same way as passenger vehicle collisions because of some reasons. For one, more parties may be held responsible for negligence in semi-truck accidents. These include the driver, the owner of the truck, the manufacturer of the truck, the company responsible for maintenance of the truck and the company that loaded the cargo.

The following differences between car and semi-truck accidents explain why you need an experienced semi-truck accident lawyer in Austin to represent you in court and/or negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

Semi-truck accidents result in more severe injuries

A 70,000-pound semi-truck slamming into a sedan or van can cause life-threatening injuries to passengers in both vehicles. Broken bones, whiplash, back injuries, brain damage, and even death can all occur in an instant.

Unfortunately, lack of evidence and a clear account of the circumstances surrounding semi-truck crashes has had many victims unfairly being denied compensation by insurance companies. An experienced semi-truck accident lawyer in Austin is well aware of the loopholes these companies use to get the better of helpless crash victims and can help you get around them and obtain your deserved compensation.

Extensive damage to property

The sheer weight of commercial semi-trucks means small cars do not stand a chance in the event of a collision. A competent lawyer can help you obtain compensation for both injuries sustained and the damage on your car.

Complex insurance policy details

You may want to consult an experienced lawyer when the insurance company of the negligent party offers an attractive amount for the damages. Most of the time, they are just evading a larger amount which you’re entitled to if a jury decides the case. A quick-witted lawyer can notice this and help negotiate a fatter compensation or push the matter to court if you have a realistic chance of winning the case.

The difference in rules and regulations

The evidence is crucial in filing claims for personal injuries. It is worthwhile to note that there are no semi-truck accident injury laws in Texas. Instead, there are several laws which guide commercial vehicle drivers on how to use roads and maintain their trucks. In words of one syllable, semi-truck accident cases may take into account truck-specific laws albeit the case is not based on truck-specific laws. Truck laws can thus be taken as a feature and not the foundation of the case.

Truck-specific laws that may be used in your personal injury case include the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA), which covers weight restrictions and the number of hours a driver can drive and the Texas DOT Rules, which regulate licensing for drivers and registration and inspection of semi-trucks. The City Ordinances which mostly restrict specific truck weights from particular roads, bridges, and parts of a city could also be used.

Automatically, you will be required to hire a semi-truck accident lawyer in Austin to represent you before a jury. Ensure you get yourself an attorney who has handled and won similar cases before to avoid missing out on your rightful compensation. An experienced attorney can also be helpful when an insurance company decides to pay for damage without involving the court.

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